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Praises to God
I forgot to tell this praise report at church today. I just want to thank God for the courage, the opportunities and the recognition of His Love!
Praise God for the conversation below.

George White
• Conversation started Thursday
George White
Hi there, i was just reading a story about the man and women that he carried her for a month and then i read ur comment about prayer .. it did touch my heart, i went to your page and found that in ur BIO firstly ur saying that ur a christian etc.. i so love that u can live ur Christianity in every comment that u do, that ur asking ppl if they believe and suggesting that they pray. i am a christian too .. i have a mission in life is to bring ppl to Jesus and what u wrote today is way beyond what anyone can say, good on you .. may God bless you and ur family pls pray for me
• Friday
Amber M. Waingrow
Glory be to Almighty God! God bless you and your family as well, and I will most certainly pray for you!
• Today
George White
Thanks and I and I will do the same
• Today

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