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a year in the making
So for some time there have been Items on our site that would not always work how I / we wanted them too and I kept Praying for the solution and Lord knows how frustrated I can get when something simple does not work as intended well today and yesterday Marked major fixes, changes, and updates to the site.

made changes to our nav. menu: moved items around and better sorted the categories

made fixes to a few items that were only randomly problematic including our software that helps us see what pages work and don't work for our visitors

made fixes to our prayer request submission page 

added the ability for prayer requests to been seen by our Pastor a lot easier

made several improvements to our login system

if you see an Item that needs improvements please let us know (because we are so close to it we do not always see it and fresh eyes are welcome.) so we can review it and make our experience better for all

God Bless

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